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Do as we say, Russia, not as we do

If I read one more time that President Obama thinks Russia’s support for a referendum on the status of Crimea “violates international law,” I’ll scream. This will mean nothing, because I live in a swamp and only my friend Swamp … Continue reading

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Bush to help convert Jews, speed end of days

From yesterday’s Guardian UK: Some people think George W. Bush did as much as he could to bring about Armageddon with his earlier interventions in the Middle East. But not the man himself, apparently. He has signed up for a … Continue reading

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I don’t see color. Obama looks just like Bush.

I was back at my shack in Tinicum swamp, eating pizza and reading the Obama administration’s rationale for wanting to bomb Syria. It passes the “common sense test,” an aide said. I don’t know how Barack Obama is defining common … Continue reading

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Walter White, working-class hero

Last week the Philadelphia Daily News ran a story about unemployment with a photo of a middle-aged man in a business suit — a former office worker out of luck and money — begging for a job on a streetcorner … Continue reading

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Hitler’s food taster tells all

Margot Woelk, 95, recently confessed to having worked as a food taster for Adolph Hitler in his war headquarters, Wolf’s Lair, in what used to be East Prussia. She told the Associated Press that her job, like most jobs, had … Continue reading

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Chavez was flawed, but he had Bush’s number

Right-wingers celebrated the death this week of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, calling him a dictator and much worse, but only because he wouldn’t play ball with American oil companies or refrain from criticizing hypocrites who put a noble spin on … Continue reading

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The DOJ’s jihad on medical marijuana

The world’s most ridiculously named law enforcement organization — the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms — is one of many federal agencies participating in the crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries and growers, something that many Barack Obama supporters couldn’t … Continue reading

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Bush, Obama rolled lucky 7s for banksters

Did anyone else see the lame TV movie Too Big To Fail, which dramatized the Fall 2008 financial crisis? If not, you didn’t miss anything honest. It was based on the book by Andrew Ross Sorkin, the NYT reporter and … Continue reading

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Gitmo is Bush and Obama’s ‘law-free zone’

I thought it was the responsibility of professional American journalists to call attention to politicians who, after being elected, break promises they made on the campaign trail. And to write stories about the lies of former office holders whose illegalities … Continue reading

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A word about our former torturer-in-chief

After posting about bringing Dick Cheney’s former ally and fellow war criminal to justice, I saw this item: A raucous group of protesters gathered outside a Surrey, [British Columbia], hotel Thursday, hoisting colourful cardboard placards, shouting into megaphones and looking … Continue reading

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