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Thanks for the memory, Rick

I hope this tough-talking, carefully coiffed hombre keeps better track of his guns and ammo than he does of his talking points during debates: Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry says he will eliminate three federal agencies if elected president, but … Continue reading

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Are e-books tomorrow, or just the end of time?

Check out this from The Economist in case you’re still wondering about the future of mass-produced paper books: To see how profoundly the book business is changing, watch the shelves. Next month IKEA will introduce a new, deeper version of … Continue reading

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Pre-speech e-mail from my buddy Barack

I received an e-mail from the president late Thursday afternoon as he was preparing for last night’s important jobs speech. The chief addressed me as “David” and signed his message “Barack.” I was so moved by this personal gesture, I … Continue reading

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Firefighting is for big-government sissies

Here’s my theory: Rick Perry was in New York City once and saw grownups wearing rain gear and riding on big red trucks and hooking up hoses every time a measly row of houses caught fire. And he said to … Continue reading

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Obama’s latest victim — the EPA

The treachery continues, but it’s hard to guess what the endgame is. Maybe Barack Obama really believes his own hype. He’s the “adult” in the race and therefore can’t lose against Texas wing-nut Rick Perry or insipid Mitt (“Corporations are … Continue reading

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The repo man is bigger, badder than Irene

Some people are arguing over whether politicians and the media hyped the hurricane. Was the coverage of Irene too intense, were the predictions too doom-ridden? But these are the wrong questions. It’s a given that politicians will ask people to … Continue reading

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Obama bans war criminals. Very funny.

It’s good to see something by Nat Hentoff, who wrote for Village Voice when it was worth reading and is still fighting the good fight against people in powerful positions who break the law. The subject matter of Hentoff’s recent … Continue reading

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More songs about buildings and bikes

I was watching a sunburned woman with red hair in a thick braid. In the corner of my eye, a bike rider zoomed past and disappeared behind a bus. I stepped into the street for another look, but the rider … Continue reading

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Low wages = no recovery. Suck on that, Perry.

He walks tall, he talks tall, he sucks a mean corn dog in Iowa but, as Paul Krugman notes, Rick Perry is merely another well-groomed Republican liar when he promises to speed the country’s economic recovery: In June 2011, the … Continue reading

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Philly’s tax mess — no wonder we’re going broke

I write from Philadelphia, one of the most stupidly governed major cities in the nation. If you doubt that, take a look at the Inquirer story about our delinquent-property-tax-collection system. For years our various mayors and City Council members have … Continue reading

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